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Anchoring to Concrete: Shear Loadings Criteria
Anchoring to Concrete: Tensile Loadings Criteria
Basic Principle of Pile Cap Design
Basics of Diaphragm Action
How to Determine the Boundary Zones in Walls
Basic Use of XREF in Structural Design
6 Basic Procedure of a Structural Design
Beam Design
Calculation of the Equivalent Compressive Strength of Concrete Core
Crack Width Analysis
Column Design and Check Options in ETABS
Construction Joint in Slabs
Column Design Principles
Consultant vs. Contractor
Corbel Design
Concrete Shear Wall Design
Column Interaction Diagram
Criteria in Selecting Suitable Foundation in Structural Design of Buildings
Creep & Shrinkage Explained
Creep Ratio and Its Applications
Design Codes and Standards
Design Loads
Design Load Combinations
Design Criteria for Tower Crane Foundations
Design for Seismic Lateral Force
Design of Concrete Spacer
Development Length in Reinforcing Bars
Design Strips in CSI SAFE
Documents and Shop drawing Submittals Review
Differential Settlements
Duties and Responsibilities of Structural Engineers
DXF exporting to SAFE/ETABS
ETABS 3 Major Checks Before The Analysis
10 Checklists in Reviewing ETABS Model
3 Major Post Analysis Checks in ETABS
7 Dynamic Analysis Checks to Consider in ETABS Model
ETABS Checklists for Beginners
Etabs Modeling Made Easy.
ETABS/SAFE Modelling Technique
Etabs Error Messages
8-Reasons Why ETABS takes too Long to Run Analysis
ETABS Instability Message
FRP & Other Concrete Strengthening Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions in Structural Analysis
Foundation Design
How to Prepare a Structural Drawing
How to Prepare a Structural Design Report
Guide to Wind Load Analytical Procedure of ASCE 7-10
How Important is the Load Combinations in Structural Design
How to Design Pile Caps in SAFE
How to Design a Raft Foundation using SAFE Program
Hydrostatic Uplift Check in Basements & Substructures
Hollow Core Slab Design Principles
How to Write a Construction Method Statement from Scratch
How to Become a Successful Structural Engineer
How to Design Spandrel or Coupling Beams in ETABS
How to Determine Torsional Irregularities in Buildings
5 Technical Interview Questions for Structural Engineers
Interpreting Slab Analysis Result using SAFE
Long Term Deflection
Method Statement for Dewatering Works
Method Statement for Post-Fixed Rebar
Method Statement for the Construction of Bored Pile
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Construction
Prokon Design Analysis
Openings in Slabs
Pier and Spandrel Labeling for ETABS Shear Wall Design
Propping Design Check
Pile Cap Design Assumptions & Recommendations
Piles and Pile Caps Design Considerations
3 Post Checks Analysis and Design Consideration in Slab using Csi SAFE
Punching Shear Checks in Pile Caps
Punching Shear Design
Reinforcement Chair Design
Design of Retaining Wall
2 Methods on How to Scale Base Shear in ETABS
Retaining Wall: A Design Approach
Safe Analysis
Scaling of Base Shear Results of Static and Dynamic Analysis
Safe Raft Foundation Analysis
Seismic Analysis: UBC-97 Code Provisions
Shear Wall Design in ETABS
Seismic Analysis: ASCE-7 and IBC 2012 Provisions
Shear Friction Check: A Worked Example
5 Common Types of Shoring and Its Uses
The Sequence of Actual Construction
Transfer Beams & columns
Types of Pile Testing
The Best “Cloud-Based” Structural Engineering Softwares
Types of Foundations in Building Design
Top 5 Structural Engineering Software That You Should Learn
The Structural Engineer’s Site Inspection Checklists
Top 10 3D-Structural Analysis and Design Software for Building Design
Understanding Seismic Parameters
What is Green Concrete?
Wind Analysis in Buiding-Code References

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