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Why You Need Quality Structural Drawings for Your Construction Project

    Sponsored Post by  IndiaCADworks Structural drawings are a crucial part of construction project documentation. They convey the technical details of a project in an easy-to-understand format and become the foundation for future projects. A structural drawing is a…
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Announcing the New SkyCiv for Excel Plugin

    Sponsored by SKYCIV In structural engineering, the power of Excel, especially in conjunction with macros, is renowned for its accessibility, flexibility, and computing power. The new SkyCiv for Excel Plugin breaks new ground in engineering software integration by…
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7 Guidelines in Structural Assessment of Existing Building

    When an abandoned building is set for renovation and restoration, changing the occupancy into a massive one, change of design codes and standards, or a newly constructed building had obvious bad workmanship and execution after the concrete casting…
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The Best “Cloud-Based” Structural Engineering Softwares

    Have you ever heard about cloud-based software in Structural Engineering? Nowadays, the internet plays a vital role in our daily lives as we are living in a digital age. The information that we need whether for work or…
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The Structural Engineer’s Site Inspection Checklists

    Aside from structural designing, one of the duties and responsibilities of the Structural Engineer is to manage and supervise site activities related to structural aspects. This is to ensure that everything executed in the site is in compliance…
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Column Design and Check Options in ETABS

    When using the ETABS software as your tool for analysis and design in your project on-hand, you must equip with thorough knowledge and understanding in every aspect and stage from modeling to analysis to design of each structural…
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