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7 Dynamic Analysis Checks to Consider in ETABS Model

    After the 3 Post Major Analysis and Modeling Checks have been cleared, the designer should review the structural arrangement and the overall dynamic characteristics of the model. To ensure that our model complies with the code requirements, a…
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Guide to Wind Load Analytical Procedure of ASCE 7-10

    The pressure exerted by the wind is one of the important considerations in Structural Design. Once the wind passed through the building, a deflections perpendicular to the wind may also occur depending on its velocity. In some cases…
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3 Major Post Analysis Checks in ETABS

    Before we proceed with the design proper and after a model is analyzed and was completed in ETABS it is very important to check whether the basic characteristic of the model matches with the expected behavior of the…
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Basic Principle of Pile Cap Design

    Long before the birth of sophisticated structural software that aid in design analysis of complex structural elements, the principle design approach is behind in these software developments.  Our previous articles-Piles and Pile Cap Design Considerations, Pile Cap Design…
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