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How to Prepare a Structural Drawing



Structural Drawings

The preparation of a Structural Drawing is the last stage of a structural design. A Structural Drawing or a Structural Plan is composed of structural details and a general arrangement plan or layout necessary for site construction proper. In these drawings all the details that we need to follow during site construction is being reflected. Although the preparation of the Structural Drawing is a structural draftsman’s task, as a Structural Designer we should see to it that the proper drawing standard has to be followed and implemented. We all know that every detail of our design, minor or major shall be reflected accordingly in the drawing. Since we are the one who is responsible for the structural design, our guidance to a structural draftsman is necessary in order to come up with a clear and easy to understand structural plans. Doing so, the following lists of Structural Drawing has to be maintained.

In this article, the author will be providing the basic requirements or at least the standard lists of structural drawings that is necessary in the preparation of Structural Drawings. Although each of the proposed project had a very broad and specific details, somehow a checklists or guidelines is very important to make sure that every part of the structural drawing has been accounted for.

Lists of Structural Drawings

Sheet No.Sheet Title
S-101Structural Notes or General Structural Notes
S-102Structural Typical Details
S-103Structural Schedules
• Beam Schedule
• Column/Wall Schedule and Details
• Slab Schedule
S-104Shoring Layout (if any)
S-105Foundation Plans, Schedules and Section Details
• Isolated Footing Combined Footing, Strip Footing, etc...
• Raft Foundation
• Pile and Pile Cap Details
S-106Column Layout
S-107Ground Floor Framing Plans
S-108Typical Floor Framing Plans
S-109Roof Floor Framing Plans
S-110Wall Sections Details
S-112Staircase Details
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The above recommended lists of structural drawing are depending on how big the project is. You can omit the lists that you do not need and retain the others or you can either add another list that is necessary.  Of course it is still the prerogative of the Structural Design Engineer on how the approach will be. But, sometimes there is also a drawing lists requirement from the authority having the jurisdiction that we need to consider and be aware of.

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