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Slab Analysis

3 Post Checks Analysis and Design Consideration in Slab using Csi SAFE

    Our previous article, CSI SAFE Slab Considerations Prior to Analysis, discusses the points required in modeling a slab using CSI SAFE before performing slab analysis and design.  To deliver a complete slab design procedure using SAFE software, the…
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CSI SAFE’s Slab Design Considerations Prior to Analysis

    The design of slab elements in a structure is one of the major structural design tasks to be carried out during the structural design of building structures. A slab has a major role in the stability of the…
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How to Design a Raft Foundation using SAFE Program

    Raft foundation is one of the types of foundation that is composed of a thick mat or slab that supports the entire structures. This type of foundation is used when there are larger column loads to support and…
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Shear Friction Check: A Worked Example

    In our previous article Construction Joints in Slab we tackled about how, when and where we are considering a construction joint in slabs. We have learned that terminating a slab casting has a shear friction check to consider…
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Creep & Shrinkage Explained

    Throughout the course of time, structural concrete may undergo wear and tear, which may cause cracking, stresses or deflections that will affect the in-service behavior of the reinforced concrete structures. This time-dependent phenomenon in concrete that we observed…
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Interpreting Slab Analysis Result using SAFE

    Interpreting the Slab Analysis Result using SAFE program is the last stage to consider in the design of the slab using SAFE. This is the procedure where the structural designer will interpret his/her design and reflect it in…
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