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Drawings, Documents & Submittals

Duties and Responsibilities of Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers plays a vital role in the planning, design, supervision, and implementation of a construction project for the structures to be materialized. They can be considered as the backbone of the construction team since they are in charge of…
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How to Prepare a Structural Design Report

    One of the tasks of a Structural Design Engineer is not only limited to analyzing and design of the structural model. The completion of the design part of the project we are designing is actually far for the…
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How to Prepare a Structural Drawing

    Structural Drawings The preparation of a Structural Drawing is the last stage of a structural design. A Structural Drawing or a Structural Plan is composed of structural details and a general arrangement plan or layout necessary for site…
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Documents and Shop drawing Submittals Review

    One of the tasks of a Structural Engineer whether you assigned as a Site or Design Engineer includes the review of the contractor’s documents and shop drawings submittals. After the project has been awarded to the contractor and before…
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