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Punching Shear Checks in Pile Caps

    Aside from flexural checks, one of the most important points to consider in the design of pile cap is the Punching Shear Checks. As we all know, Punching Shear is a concentrated load causing a shear stress on…
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Basics of Diaphragm Action

Shear Walls

    DIAPHRAGM DIAPHRAGM is horizontal or nearly horizontal system acting to transmit lateral forces to the vertical resisting elements. The term “diaphragm” includes horizontal bracing systems. There are two popular types of diaphragm namely rigid diaphragm and semi-rigid Diaphragm. The…
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Top 5 Structural Engineering Software That You Should Learn

    At present in the world of Structural Engineering, a lot of design enhancement and developments arises since the beginning of structural design. These developments include the use of structural design software which aims to enhance our ability as…
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FRP & Other Concrete Strengthening Solutions

    Throughout the life of a building structure, we can’t avoid structural changes. Even if the structure is already built, “revisions” as we call during site construction, may still occur. Sometimes these changes may vary accordingly, it can be…
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Pile Cap Design Assumptions & Recommendations

    A pile cap is one of the types of foundation that consist of a thick concrete pad that is usually supported by piles. This is commonly used in building foundations with the geographical locations having a very low…
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