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ETABS Checklists for Beginners



ETABS is structural design software that can perform both the analysis and design of structure being modeled. Learning this software is not as easy as it uses to be especially for those aspiring structural design engineer. This software is an integral part of Structural Designing since it is almost a complete design software that can perform finite element analysis as well as design specifically for those high rise towers/buildings projects.

Learning ETABS  is complicated at first, but eventually, you can use to it. All that we need is a little dedication and practice. But as a beginner, you have no idea how to start. Watching and reading articles related to ETABS Analysis and Design is a great help achieving the so-called “pro” in ETABS designing. The author writes a checklist to consider to narrow down the difficulty of ETABS learning. This is to guide the aspiring structural engineers to finally learn this powerful designing program.  They are listed below.



  • Setting Grid Dimensions
  • Setting the Story Data
  • Define the Code used in the design
    • Material Properties
    • Frame Sections
    • Assigning modifiers
    • Wall/Slab Sections
    • Assigning modifiers
    • Diaphragms
    • Response Spectrum Function
    • Static Load Cases
    • Defining Load Combo
    • Defining Mass Source
  • Drawing Beams, Slabs, Walls & Columns
  • Meshing & Assigning ID Diaphragm
    • Manual Meshing for Walls
    • Automatic Meshing for Slabs
  • Checking the model for warning messages
  • Fixing warning messages


  • Defining Static Load Cases
  • Defining Load Combo
  • Defining Mass source
  • Response Spectrum Function
  • Assigning Diaphragm
  • Assigning Point Restrain
  • Set Analysis Option
  • Dynamic Analysis
    • Ritz vector
    • Eigenvector
  • P-Delta Analysis
    • Set Parameters
  • Run Analysis
  • Post Analysis Check
    • Analysis log & results warnings
    • Global Force Balance
    • Modal Load Participation Ratio
  • Scaling
    • Storey Drift
    • Wind Drift
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  • Assigning pier labels
  • Shear Wall Design Check
  • Column Design Check
  • Exporting to SAFE for Foundation Design

Most of the topics on the above checklists will be tackled on the succeeding articles, so stay tuned. You can subscribe and follow the www.structuralworld.com for the updates.

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