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Build a Container Home



Build a Container Home

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This product contains a Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch. This will guide you to the following:

  • How to build a beautifully designed home using shipping containers.
  • What costly mistakes you must avoid so your project doesn’t collapse like a house of cards!
  • The fastest way to get your project complete and livable.
  • Where money can be saved and where you need to invest those savings for the best results.
  • The cheapest way to build a container home from start to finish

Benefits of a Container Home

  • Afford-ability. Building a container home is extremely cost-effective. If you’ve already looked into the cost of new or second-hand container you obviously know what I mean.
  • Design. You can easily modify shipping container to create a modern sleek look.
  • Strength. Shipping containers are built extremely strong with few weak points making them a great starting point.
  • Time. Because the majority of the home is already built you can have a complete home built in record time.
  • Unique. Even though container homes are on the rise they are still unique and will stand out from every other home.
  • Green. Recycling an old shipping container and using it to build with is a great green idea and many others will see the important example you’re setting.

Here’s what you’re going to learn with Build A Container Home Construction Manual:

  • Use the recommended sources to get a shipping container at the lowest possible price. This can make or break your chances at building a low-cost home.
  • Crucial pre-purchase inspection tip! Warning: You must know this before purchasing ANY shipping container. Not knowing this quick tip could result in heartache and lost $$$.
  • How to obtain your permit. Get full step-by-step instructions to obtain a building permit including a checklist of what you need to do. Just check them off as you do each step.
  •  Design and layout planning tips and advice from a qualified expert. It may seem simple using containers but there are quite a few options as you’re probably aware. 20″, 40″, High cube etc. Then you can use multiple containers in many different formats. The design tips stated here will help you choose the right layout for your needs.
  • On top of the layout tips, there is also a throw in 15 3D container layout options to help you out.
  • Learn how to correctly prepare your site for footings or concrete foundations. There’s a lot of detail with plenty of diagrams and pictures on this topic because this is where a lot of newbie container builders go wrong. So pay attention!
  • Get the electrical layout and installation plans.  Topped this off with full diagrams to make this as simple as possible.
  • This is just a small fraction of the information included in this guide to Building a Container Home. There is SO MUCH MORE included and I’m sure you’re going to love the detail.

You will not find this level of detailed information anywhere else. Not in the library, not in other Online guides, not YouTube, nowhere! What are you waiting for? Visit this site to know more!

If you want a ready-made and already built container house, check out: Brand New Detachable Two Story Container House Home Office Space

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