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The Best “Cloud-Based” Structural Engineering Softwares



Have you ever heard about cloud-based software in Structural Engineering? Nowadays, the internet plays a vital role in our daily lives as we are living in a digital age. The information that we need whether for work or personal can be quickly gathered and transferred to and by us because of the advancement of technology.  These technological advancements can be quickly adopted and used also in Engineering.

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In Structural Engineering, these “Cloud-Based Soft wares” is becoming a trend. Perhaps the good thing about this platform is that it is completely online, it does not require software installation and it is always on the go. An integrated cloud-based platform keeps stakeholders connected and data up to date. It also means you can access your designs from any device in any location as long as there is an internet connection of course!

 Here are the best “Cloud-Based” Structural Engineering soft wares that you should be aware of:

1. SkyCIV 

SkyCIV is a Structural 3D is a cloud-based Structural Analysis and Design software that allows users to model and solve complex 3D structures. It is completely online; requiring no installation to use. SkyCiv Structural 3D offers the very best in online structural analysis and integrated design checks. Structural 3D is a powerful structural analysis software that includes:

  • Analysis of beams, plates, cables
  • Reactions, Bending, Shear, Axial, Deflection, Torsion, and Stress Forces
  • Buckling, Linear, Non-Linear (P-Delta), Frequency and Response Spectrum plus more.
  • Powerful plate analysis and auto-meshing capabilities
  • Fully Integrated Section Builder (with custom and database shapes)
  • Easy modeling with the pen tool, gridlines, and datasheet entry
  • Full 3D Renderer with Colored Contouring
  • Live Chat for instant support
  • PDF Analysis and Full Calculation Design Reporting

Design Capabilities

  • Steel member design: AISC 360, AISI, EN 3, AS 4100, AS4600, CSA S16, BS5950
  • RC Member Design: ACI 318, AS 3600, EN2, CSA, BS
  • Connection Design: AISC 360, Eurocode
  • Timber Design: NDS and AS1720
  • Integrated wind load generator for ASCE 7-10, AS 1170, NBCC, and EN 1991
  • Import Load Combinations for US, UK, Aus, Canada, Europe plus more…
  • All design checks come with detailed PDF reporting, with step-by-step calculations

Please visit their website to know more!

2. Simscale 

SimScale is a 100% cloud-based simulation software that enables you to test, validate, and optimize your designs through Finite Element Analysis using a standard web browser. The Finite Element Analysis or FEA software component of SimScale is a powerful tool that enables you to virtually test and predicts the behavior of structures and solves complex structural engineering problems subjected to static and dynamic loading conditions.

As a Structural Engineers, a structural simulation is very important in our structural design, especially when dealing with wind, seismic, thermal analysis, and the like. Simscale helps you see the behavior of the structure you are designing under certain loadings as it mimics the effect of the static or dynamic loadings upon applying it into our structural model.

A lot of its features and its capabilities can be found on its website. Check out for more!

3. RisaCalcs 

Risa’s cloud-based interface provides and allowing engineers full control over inputs such as geometry, design information, and loading. It easily creates and shares project files with your entire office, allowing design work to be completed more efficiently than ever before. It has a Complete Design of Individual Components such as automatic load combinations, interactive force diagrams, and exhaustively detailed reports that allow engineers to completely visualize the analysis and design of each component in a way that is easy to understand and verify. Its features include but not limited to the analysis of beams and columns, design of hot-rolled and cold-formed steel, wood and aluminum, and others. You can find all the supported components and their design capabilities here. Otherwise, visit their website to know more!

4. WeStatix 

WeStatiX offers an intuitive 3D Web Application for structural analysis. Build a model quickly and efficiently, and run your analysis in minutes using your browser. WeStatiX has been specifically designed to simplify and automate the engineering workflow. The interface of WeStatiX guides the user through the complicated process of setting up and calculating a structure, by subdividing the workflow into a sequence of simple operations and by validating each step and each input in real-time. The warnings and errors can be fixed rapidly and efficiently along with the procedure. The obtained results, such as displacements, reaction forces, and bending moment diagrams are visualized in an intuitive way.

It offers Finite Element Analysis, Beam, Column Design Calculations to name a few. Check out its design capabilities and its features here.  Also, visit their website to know more. 

5. CloudCalc 

CloudCalc analyzes your steel structures exclusively according to AISC code.  As this platform is cloud-based, you can access this software anytime and anywhere using your PC, tablet, or mobile phones. It has the following features:

  • Model graphically or via text input, using mouse, toolbars, hotkeys, or touch commands
  • Database of 12,000 standard steel shapes provided
  • Interface with Excel, CIS/2, and SDNF
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo — so you can’t make a mistake!
  • Static analysis of ASCE/7 load types, including non-linear effects
  • Calculation and animation of dynamic modes of vibration; plus, response spectrum seismic analysis
  • Compliance checks against AISC ASD and LRFD Codes
  • Automatic generation of formatted output reports

Try CloudCalcs and discover more of its features on their website

6. Hilti Profis Engineering Standard Suite

For your comprehensive anchor and baseplate design requirement, HILTI software is perhaps the best software out there. Through its all-in-one anchor design software, you can maximize your productivity in designing steel to concrete connections. It handles calculations and analysis of the different elements of a steel to concrete connection including the base material, steel plate, anchors, weld, and stiffeners with easy iteration and thorough documentation.

The good thing about Hilti’s Profis Engineering Standard Suite is that since it’s a cloud-based platform, it enables you to use it for free using a web browser, just register, and sign-up for your account. Since it is cloud-enabled access, the file can be shared via desktop, tablet, or smartphone, it can only use by logging in to your account, not unless you upgrade it into a premium version. 

Visit their website to know more! 

Any cloud-based structural engineering software that we missed? We love to hear your thoughts! Leave a message in a comment form below. You can also follow, like, and subscribe to our social media pages below to be updated with the latest posts.

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