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The website www.thestructuralworld.com is a structural engineering blog created to serve as a reference material related to Structural Engineering and everything thereof. Here we can talk about the different structural engineering topics and their principles, whether design or site related. The articles/blogs on this site were based on the author’s daily practical structural design endeavor who experience it first hand. The goal of this site is to share the knowledge and information in a straight forward and direct to the point discussions related to Structural Engineering. So if you are an aspiring structural engineer, a civil engineering student, a neophyte structural engineer, or maybe an experienced one and an interested reader. This site is for you.

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The Author

The author had extensive experience in Structural Design Engineering and Supervision works. He has been a practicing Structural Engineer since 2004. Currently, he is working in an international consulting firm.


The articles/blogs written on this site is created for structural engineering reference only based on the author’s daily experiences as a structural designer. In spite of the fact that the articles/blog written here is by the best of author’s knowledge, none of these articles have been reviewed by the third party reviewer. Therefore the author has no responsibility for whatever actions that the reader takes on their respective design projects based on “thestructuralworld.com” website. Although the articles/blogs here were not proven wrong, the author cannot guarantee the 100 percent accuracy of every article posted. Be reminded that the articles/blogs posted can be updated from time to time without the knowledge of the reader. Reader discretion is advised.

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