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Shipping Container Home Made Easy



Get The Most Comprehensive Program on Shipping Container Homes Ever Made!

Grab your copy for $47!


The Ultimate How-To Guide to Building a Shipping Container Home

When You’re Done With This Program You’ll Know More Than Most Professional Home Builders!

  • You’ll also learn how to execute a build that will not only keep you in the green but oftentimes leave more money in your pocket than you originally planned for!
  • How to get essential parts for your home ABSOLUTELY FREE. And how doing so will shave up to 30% off the total bill of your build.
  • The one place NOT to cut corners on your project. And how investing in this will put you 5 steps ahead of most do-it-yourselfers who try to save money in the wrong places.
  • Why the location of your build influences the price the most. And how to elude extraneous costs by building in zoning pockets the authorities don’t want you to know about.
  • The 5 essential things you must consider when choosing to build your home yourself … hiring a contractor to do it for you… or a mix of the two.
  • How to build a heat-reflecting roof that standard homes simply can’t compete with. And how it will save you a stack of money in cooling costs within the first few years of use!
  • The 4 things you must look for in a contractor if you plan to hire one to build your container home. And why this is so critical, it alone is worth more than 10x times the price of this program.
  • The most economical load bearing set up for your container home. And why building your home this way will cut the cost of your project by 30%.



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