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Blockpad: Your Ideal Software for Engineering Calculations


Spreadsheet software re-imagined for Engineers: Blockpad

Blockpad is spreadsheet software re-imagined to make engineering calculations clear, readable, and straightforward. With it, engineers can create professional calculation deliverables in an intuitive and familiar way.

The primary interface feels like a traditional word processor, but pressing the equals sign opens up a formula like in a spreadsheet. This formula is then calculated and presented in clear math notation so that the math is readable and not hidden behind a cell. Also like a spreadsheet, these formulas update whenever numbers change.

Formulas also have features perfect for Engineers:

  • Units intelligence
  • Variable names
  • Matrix math
  • Custom functions

The documents themselves are more than just word processors, and include tools that make engineering calculations easier:

  • Spreadsheet-style tables
  • Actual spreadsheets
  • Point snap drawings
  • Solver sections

Also, the various parts can connect together using spreadsheet-style formulas and references, so that a whole document updates when the inputs change.

Because Blockpad feels like the office and calculation tools you already know, the learning curve can be pretty short. The math is just like spreadsheet math, and the functions are the same too.

It’s easy to get started and create calculation documents you’re proud to share.

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